8 thoughts on “Getting Out Of Your Own Way

  1. I have been reading a book by Jamie Winship entitled Living Fearless. He talks about this very concept in terms of what stops us from living out our true identity (truthful unique self). Often it is our fears (others, failure etc.) and it isn’t until we can acknowledge (truth tell) our fear, recognise that this fear need not/should not/ does not shape us, that we can move outside/beyond that fear and freely live out our unique true (God given) identiy.


  2. Thanks, Jen
    I know that what you shared has been an issue for me, most of my life. Looking back, those I have admired most and valued as friends, have been those confident, unselfconscious people, who don’t seem to doubt themselves.
    We are never too old to be seeking to move forward to be all we are meant to be.


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