‘Tis a fact world over that the male sex is preferred

In commerce, law, in power and in church

Culture wide and world abroad; A son preferred and men advanced in every opportunity

Indeed to be labelled woman be an insult in many parts ; And motherhood and femininity keep shackled behind lock and door

Away from education and opportunity unlike their male counterparts.

But what a mystery is this ; For half the world do bear the sex

And men do daughters ‘get of whom they love ;

And men desire women above everything – ‘bove wealth, and power and dignity

Did not God bestow both with his spirit and image ?

One brain in different flesh born ; One heart in separate  bosoms beating?

And men are born by women and they seek a wife to ‘dvance the family lines

A woman’s graces are not matched among a company of batchelors rough living and uncouth; whose conversation rest upon women all their waking hour

And even night visions are shaped woman’s comely presence

Don’t young men with many sisters bear a balanced visage

A kindness and a grace built in him from friendship with the fairer sex

And by respect of her who beats him soundly in their childish games ?

Why men dost thou seek to keep women behind

To advance your kind ?

Do you not see that your own prosperity is bound

Up with her whom your destiny is forged Eve to your Adam left hand to your right twin to your heart and light to your dark

Women thy name is not an insult ; But a blessing and a gift to men

His equaliser and improver ; his better part and much desired

Your mind his equal your strengths his match

Rise women and take back nobility from Eve ; As queen and ruler with her mate


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