What is so great about Snapchat?

The story teller in me finds this review of Snapchat, and its power to threaten ubiquitous social media platforms such as Facebook, very interesting.

As a neophyte Snapchat user what I can ascertain the key appeals to be, are:

  1. It’s ephemeral nature. Disappearing snaps and stories create a compulsion to share and view immediately.
  2. Stories. Adding a series of snaps to a story, shared for 24 hrs, invites followers into a narrative account of an experience.

Tell your friends a mini story about your day?! Awesome.

One thought on “What is so great about Snapchat?

  1. SnapChat just gives a new dimension and from this point of view it gives more choice.

    Until this blog posting I did not even know what it was and had to check it out.

    Diversity is always fine.

    For myself I stick to LinkedIn and my own wordpress blog as I am ..already a passionate writer, – which means …..I have to limit myself – being busy(!!) …already in different work domains


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