To love and be loved

The reason for our being is “to love and be loved”. This is a universal human experience; no matter creed or colour, humans love and are loved.

Stories, songs, poetry and art help us to understand each other and so to love. They help us to empathise and so to love. They help us to forgive and so to love. They help us hope and so cling onto love.

So why do we need God? Isn’t love enough?

Unless God shows up in the greatest of stories, to show us the greatest of loves, which teaches us the greatest of understanding, empathy, forgiveness and hope.

greatest story ever told

2 thoughts on “To love and be loved

  1. Thanks for this Jen.

    I would love one of your future posts to delve deeply in to one or more reasons why, despite human love, we so need God. I would love it to take a contemporary approach (but any approach in the final analysis). Such a simple, yet complex, desire towards being ‘filled by God’s love/spirit’ that I often can’t describe to others, or even to myself.

    Much love to you and your thoughts/ideas,



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