Fear and Exhillaration

It’s curious that our most heightened feelings as humans – exhilliaration – is so closely tied to our most dreaded emotions – fear. The facing of fear then is one of the most profound experiences of the human condition.

I for one do not fear spiders, snakes, deep water, darkness or death – but I do fear failure. The fear of failure has crippled me from completing or even attempting tasks. This writing alone is the product of me addressing the fear of failure – to produce a text that others read.

Love is the most undoing of all human emotions and activities – yet the most exhillarating too. How can someone undo us so completely, unravel our unity, break apart our identity and yet we enjoy it ? How can a child destroy our lives as we know it, and yet make us so happy? How can we be so willingly enslaved to another through love?

The exhillaration one feels at the top of the roller coaster tower, upon gazing down, incredulous that the carriage we are in will plummet us to the earth, is invigorating. Let me climb the tower and throw myself off. Let me seize my fears.